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Birds of Washington
Birds of Washington State

Independent Review

Full of interesting facts and useful information, this book has something for anyone with an interest in birds, from the casual backyard observer to the keen naturalist. You'll find full-page accounts, complete with color illustrations and range maps, for 320 birds that are found in Washington State on a regular basis. The notes cover habitat, nesting, feeding, voice and similar species. There's also a Quick Reference Guide, organized into color-coded family groupings and a map of best birding sites and descriptions of a number of Washingtonís most notable birding sites. An appendix covers 33 occasional and accidental species found in the state. The book also features a glossary of terms, birder's checklist and separate indexes for scientific and common names. On the back cover, there's a color-coded guide to the bird groups for quick and handy use in the field.

Peregrine Falcon
Seattle's "Bell"

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